The Massless Pen

An incredibly intuitive, precise and flexible 3D pen for sketching, modelling, review and animation inside and outside of XR. It’s designed to help desk-based design and engineering professionals increase productivity and creativity.

The Massless Pen is in trials at the world’s greatest automotive, entertainment content and civil engineering firms.


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Everyone knows how to use a pen with no training and the Massless Pen enables a level of design and expression unlike any other drawing, drafting and modelling tool since the pencil, paintbrush and sculpting knife.

It lets you seamlessly and quickly sketch, create, edit and manipulate, so you can forget what you have in your hand, get immersed in what you’re doing and unlock all of your potential.


The Massless Pen is a precise tool for incredibly accurate sketching, drawing, drafting and modelling.

It is the sketching and modelling tool designers and engineers have been waiting for – no more user experience (UX) penalty to achieve precision.

See what one of our early adopters has to say

Amazing capability

The Massless Pen packs incredible technology into a simple, beautifully designed package and helps you be more creative and productive without learning a new, complex input device.

The Pen turns your natural touches, twists, taps, swipes, flicks and strokes into amazing user interface experiences. You’ll never want to go back to a graphics tablet or mouse again. Hello!


Designers and engineers can use the Massless Pen in a few different (totally cool) and seamlessly integrated ways depending on your comfort level with XR, your apps and your workflow – inside or outside of XR. Its an amazing experience on its own and with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

This means the Pen adapts to designers’ moment-by-moment needs and everyone can use it, whatever their technical comfort-level.

Industry Leading Features

Incredibly accurate, responsive and intuitive touch pad for input. This can be used for many actions - selecting menu items, scrolling through menu options, laying down ink, changing brush size or increasing opacity. Oh yeah.

Capacitive Sensor

An ERM actuator can vibrate to indicate many different things - click when scrolling through menu items and objects or when meshes collide. Perfect to make the Pen a more intuitive experience. Too much fun.

Haptic Feedback

An incredibly sensitive and accurate inertial measurement unit (IMU) translates your touches, twists, taps, swipes, flicks and strokes into accurate and seamless input to your applications. We’re not kidding.

6 DoF

90° x 70° tracking volume allows for incredibly immersive engineering and design work. It encompasses your natural reach and enables the use of the desk surface as a workspace.

Spacious Tracking Volume

Can detect when its tip is near or touching a physical surface. Works in 3D space or on the desktop as a graphics tablet or a mouse, inside or outside of XR. Uh huh.

Surface Sensing

The Pen can be used completely stand alone to do everything in an application, but can also work with keyboard alternates or with a game controller from HTC and Oculus. Nice.

Vive and Rift Support