Collage Maker

Column width

Making A Collage

Choose Files

Click the "Chose File" button and select multiple files. All files will remain on your device and will not be uploaded.

Set the number of columns

Your images will be arranged into columns of equal width. Change the value in "Columns" to set the number of columns used in the design. Between 3 and 5 columns is usually good, but experiment with what works best.

Set the column width

Change the column width value to set how wide each column will be in pixel units. This will control the overall width of your design, along with the number of columns and spacing.

Set the spacing

Setting the spacing value will control the gap inbetween the images in pixel units. The images will be tightly packed with 0 px spacing.

Download image

Click this button to generate a PNG image that you can download. All data will stay on your device and will not be uploaded.