The Massless VR Pen. Crowdfunding Soon.

The intuitive way to problem-solve, play and create.

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The Massless Pen is really magical...the haptics feel good...I'd like to stay a little longer with this.

Top 2 Social MediaCollaboration Platform

The Massless Pen’s form factor is really nice...I like the interactions this is quite nice. Its so awesome!

Design teamTop 2 UK Architecture Firm

I like these nice little details. It feels like working with a Pen. Great weight, balance. You spent time for the details, I like that.

Design teamTop 3 German auto maker

You cannot compare this with their pen Logitech, this is a pen Massless you could work with.

Design teamTop 3 German auto maker

You're in a perfect position to integrate with design/engineering/review workflow, because you know - they need one of these! Massless could fit in very nicely with making more precision.

EvangelistTop 5 Visual Effects studio

The Massless Pen has got a great weight to it. The other VR input devices are not for my intimate thinking about solving problems like this.

Design teamTop 4 Global tool maker

Ah man! That's awesome! I like the design of that UI. Its pretty obvious that this input in education could be applied. Its super impressive.

Head of media centerTop 2 Australian vocational education provider