MASSLESS is proud to have launched at the 8th Augmented World Expo (AWE) in the Santa Clara Convention Center, California on 1st and 2nd June 2017. Dr. Jack A. Cohen, the founder of MASSLESS and inventor of the MASSLESS Pen, delivered a 5 minute presentation to over 300 members of the conference including members of the press and attendees from leading technology companies from around the world. The full presentation can be viewed below:

The announcement resonated around the event and was welcomely received by those looking for better interaction devices and more intuitive methods for designing in 3D. Some reactions were captured on our social media:

MASSLESS exhibited a fully functional demonstration for two days that the conference was running and attracted a large crowd that included some of the leading figures in the community.

The event marked the culmination of over two years of work in stealth while MASSLESS developed the MASSLESS Pen during the formative stages of consumer VR. Coverage from the event include WEARABLE magazine who reported that:

"MASSLESS had one of the more fully realized demos on the floor of AWE" - WEARABLE

A prestigious accolade for our debut appearance sharing the exhibition floor with hundreds of startups, established names, and technology giants. DigitalTends who, in an informal interview with Jack, reported him saying:

"I don't believe in having buttons on the Pen. We are designing this for precision" - Dr. Jack A. Cohen, DigitalTrends

This is due to the fact that pressing a button on a pen causes the tip to move slightly, which reduces input precision when working in 3D.

MASSLESS would like to thank all those who visited our exhibition booth to experience the MASSLESS Pen first hand, and warmly received the announcement of our first product. We look forward to seeing you again and meeting more of the community at our next event!

Our press materials for the launch can be downloaded below:

Launch Press Release




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