We develop the most intuitive, precise and responsive XR modeling tools for the world's greatest 3D designers and engineers

MASSLESS is a pioneer in a new, more human interface paradigm of 3D computing and is breaking new ground for enterprise applications. This new paradigm lets us rethink and redesign how we do everything on computers from the ground up with this extra third dimension we have been missing in the workplace. Finally unlocking the 3rd dimension for production work, enables faster and more iterations in the design, visualization and review cycle. MASSLESS enables design, visualization and review the way it was meant to be and it enables critical changes identified and actioned earlier on in the design cycle.

Dr. Jack A. Cohen

CEO, Co-founder

Jack was born and raised in Essex, UK. He received his doctorate in Theoretical Physics from The University of Oxford after completing a Masters in Physics with Computer Science (First Class) at The University of Sheffield. In 2015 he was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship and became a full-time inventor and entrepreneur.

Dominic Hosler

CTO, Co-founder

Charles Watson

Alliances & Marketing

Veronika Nesheva

Operations & Hardware

Sonny Hughes

UI/UX Designer

Sacha Sewhdat

Press & Media

Jonn Hanks

Customer Services

Richard Casemore

Development Technologist

Ben Atkinson

Industrial Designer

Kamal Patel

XR Developer

Our Investors

We are backed by some of the world's most successful investors and entrepreneurs having collectively founded companies worth in excess of £10bn.

Working at MASSLESS

We are looking for great people who want to help us revolutionize the way humans interact with computers for design, engineering and visualization to increase creativity and productivity.

What’s great about working at MASSLESS? MASSLESS is right at the beginning of an incredible journey to fundamentally change how humans interface with computers at work with XR. We are a small, hard working, fun, collaborative team of innovators, engineers and market experts in one of the best parts of London for tech and design - St Pancras/Camden.

We ensure that all employees have the latest tech to get their jobs done, we support professional development so you can keep learning. We make sure that when you have worked insanely hard and achieved your goals, you get a real break.


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